We specialise in helping people find work within the rapidly growing Waste & Resource Management and Environmental Services sectors; making sure that you have the right skills and experience to succeed in your new job.

Common service areas include:

♦  Waste, recycling, and re-use collections
♦  Preparation for re-use, re-use, upcycling and recycling
♦  Material handling, logistics and processing
♦  Other environmental services (e.g street cleaning)
♦  Cleaning services

These sectors offer excellent prospects for entry-level jobs (e.g. operatives, drivers, admin/clerical, sales, & customer service roles) and great opportunities for personal & professional development and advancement within organisations across the sectors.
By working in these sectors, you are making a positive difference every day by protecting our environment, reducing waste, & helping communities live and grow more sustainably.

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Although fast-growing sectors offering fantastic entry-level job opportunities (e.g. collection crew, drivers, warehouse and depot operatives, admin, and customer services roles) and rewarding career paths, Waste & Resource Management can also pose some of the highest risks to workers, the general public, and environmental safety if correct procedures are not followed.

Waste, resource management and cleaning services are also some of the most visible services to clients and their communities, easily attracting complaints and even fines/ penalties for the service provider or their clients if the quality of services is not ‘up to standard’.

Our partner employers are looking for candidates that can demonstrate they are competent for and committed in the duties of a role, being able to provide evidence of previous relevant experience.  

Therefor as a recruitment service tailored to these sectors, AEVES commits to only providing employers candidates that meet one or more of the following criteria:

♦  Can demonstrate previous relevant employment experience and provide references
♦  Have attained a WAMITAB level 1 or equivalent or higher sector relevant qualification
♦  Meet other non-discriminatory criteria provided by the employer e.g. eligibility for special funding/ grant opportunity criteria